Easy to use This manual toilet plunger is simple and straightforward. Simply pick the right plunger head for your job and lock it in place. Commence pumping pressure to the desired amount and release the lever to unclear the clogs. Easy to use and can be applied quickly to any form of drain.


Variety of plunger headsThe manual plunger wasn’t just made for one job. This plunger comes with over 3 different plunger heads to be able to fit any job that needs unclogging. Whether it’s your toilet, sink, gutter, or sewer this plunger was built to unclog it.


Intuitive Design Lightweight and durable the plunger was built for the long term. It’s made with corrosion and abrasion resistant material so that it can continue to be useful to you for years to come. With high-grade ABS plastic material, longevity was part of the product design.




Taking out clogs in your household for years to come. This plunger was built to last you for years to come. Designed for the consumer in mind the plunger has an ergonomic design to make it easier for anyone to use. Easy to install at multiple different types of drains this is your all-in-one drain buster.


Better than a regular plunger this plunger can service a multitude of different drains. Not to mention with it’s simple design you’re able to pump air into the cylinder and gain more pressure and force than you would on any normal plunger. Perfect for removing stubborn clogs and easy enough to fit on any drain.


Multiple fits make this your swiss army knife of plungers! Whether it’s your toilet, sink, gutter you name it, this toilet plunger will unclog it in a flash. With different plunger heads you can rest assured that any clog you have in and around your house can be solved quickly with our toilet plunger.


The Air toilet plunger doesn’t require any heavy machinery to complete its task and that’s the beauty of it. All it uses is the air pressure you build and it’s able to perform like the best of plungers.


Since it only uses air this allows for the Air to be more environmentally friendly for you and your family. It will not use any sort of added chemicals or cleaners that could do you harm, this makes it safer for you and your drainage systems.


If you’re ready for quality and convenience The Air toilet plunger will be right fit for you. If you’re tired of moving from cheap plunger to cheap plunger and having to struggle unclogging drains, then you need to give the Air toilet plunger an opportunity now.


It’s time to optimize your daily life by having a tool that can unclog any drain. Get yourself a Air toilet plunger and clean out those stubborn drains in a flash.

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Manual Air Toilet Plunger

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